Black Bloc

by Calder's Revolvers

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We didn't spend a dime on this album. We wanted to go totally DIY. It was a learning process. It took us about 7 months to record four songs. But that wasn't because we spent a lot of time tracking - Most of our time was spent mixing, remixing, adding tracks and reading up on the internet how to make a DIY recording stand up to pro sound. We think we pulled it off - for the most part.
It's funny - while in the process of making the EP our influences fluctuated wildly. Early on we wanted it to sound like the Black Keys or The Cold War Kids. Then we started getting more in to hip hop and R&B and we wanted a more polished sound. We kept tweaking the mix based on what we were listening to that week. Somewhere in that we found our sound.
When we recorded our first EP we couldn't stand the songs we had on it after we were done. In fact, we don't even really play those songs anymore - but with this second EP, we still love the songs and even after countless hours of mixing the damn thing, we still enjoy listening to it. That's not to say we think it' perfect - we're just glad it came out as good as it did.
We're not done learning yet. After the EP release show at Larimer Lounge (01/06/12) and the benefit show at 3 Kings Tavern (02/26/12) we plan to start work on our full length album. We have a lot of ideas and we've refined our sound quite a bit. We are looking forward to it.
We've always felt like we haven't really 'fit in' with the whole Denver music scene. Even when 'We Are! We Are' and 'The Archive' was happening we felt like we weren't really finding a niche. That's still true with Calder's, but I think people are ready to get back to rock and roll. We love a lot of the more cutting edge music being made now, but there is a lot to be said for drums, bass, guitar and a singer. Nowadays it's easy to find ways to tweak your sound, either by putting a laptop on stage or using a synth or drum machine - We think people are missing rock roots, without it having to be metal or super hard rock. Calder's is a new sound in Denver which may be ironic given that we are just playing very basic rock music. Hopefully people will get in to it.


released January 6, 2012



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Calder's Revolvers Denver, Colorado

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